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Odunola Oyeniyi

Founder - HOG

About The Founder

Hearts of Goodness Foundation was founded by Odunola Oyeniyi. She is from Ibadan Oyo State, Nigeria. Odunola graduated from University of Ibadan in 2007 and she worked for over seven yearsas a social worker, as well as marriage and family counselor. Having done all these, she thinks it is the high time to give back to the society through Heart of Goodness Foundation. She had her Masters of Science from Department of Counseling and Educational Leadership at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Texas in United States. She is currently a Doctoral student at the Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, Texas, United States and also a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the same University.


From his early school days, Odunola has held many leadership positions and has been known for his unique ability to produce results even under very tight circumstances. He has transferred these leadership skills to his work with orphans and orphanages and has seen tremendous results.


Odunola aims to provide qualitative care to orphans and underprivileged children in society by giving them a better playing field among their contemporaries. At HOG, he has been able to assist numerous children with their education and health needs.

Aims and Objectives of Hearts of Goodness Foundation

Hearts of Goodness Foundation is a Nonprofit Organization which is duly registered under Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) according to the Laws of The Federal Republic of Nigeria. The aims and objectives of Hearts of Goodness Foundation are based upon the principle of helping the poor, the less privileged, disable, orphans, motherless children, prisoners, patient, special children, destitute, widows, single mothers, and the elderly, irrespective of their geographical location, religion, sex and tribe. This foundation was created to assist those that are seriously in need of help in the society.With these reasons, the disadvantaged people of Nigeria will be encouraged and able to receive the basic necessities of life and earn through honorable means.
Therefore, the aims and objectives of Hearts of Goodness Foundation are as follows:

All of the above aims and objectives are aimed to touch people's lives positively and to make the sick healthy, unloved to loved, unemployed to a worker, the needy to wealthy, disabled to permitted, destitute to rich, and from rejected to accept. Kindly assist us in reaching out to the needy in the society.

You can join us in touching lives by donating through the following means and your help will be greatly appreciated in reaching out to the needy:
PayPal: odunolaoyeniyi01@gmail.com